Interiors Inspiration #1

24 August 2016

Hello dear friends and happy Wednesday to you! Few months ago I came across a wonderful blog called decor8. Do you know about it? It's just addictive; The pictures are beautiful and delightful, the people who've been interviewed are very talented and there are lots of creative tips that you can take away from each blogpost. So if you're passionate about interior decoration and looking for a great source of inspiration, have a look at this blog and I'm sure you'll be hooked!
I've been reading decor8 blog for a while now and been saving all my favourite pictures for a quick burst of interior design ideas. I always feel a chill of excitement when looking at beautiful spaces which are filled with character, warmth, meaningful touches and personalized nooks. Here's a few cozy interiors that ooze with charm and creativity. Not to mention, I keep visualising myself living in these lovely spaces... a girl can dream, right?! :)

* All the photographs are from decor8blog. 

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