Keeping a Sketchbook!

26 April 2017

I'm a huge fan of sketchbooks (probably my attempts to keep them always come up short). In fact, I'm not good at keeping a sketchbook at all! If I don't like something, I end up starting over on the next page. So when I get to the end of a sketchbook (which rarely happens!), it's all these weird, half drawn pages which are trying too hard to look nice (and neat).
However, I've been trying to change my approach for future sketching. A sketchbook doesn't need to be precious or perfect (I've actually written this down on a post-it note to remind myself every day!). It's a place to explore ideas, shapes, patterns and textures. A sketchbook is a powerful place; it's the only place where illustrators can play - try out new techniques, subject matter, or even jot down the occasional notes (in my case, drawing new characters!). It's like seeing how someone's mind works. It's pretty interesting!
I stopped sketching few months ago (not to mention, blogging as well), because perfectionism is the only reason that makes me procrastinate (for a long long time)! But I've made up my mind that I want to be open and share imperfect and unfinished work. I know that my sketchbook doesn't have to look pretty, it just has to exist. I'm going to fill it (and my blog) with my work, my ideas and the stuff I care about. I won't let my sketchbook to fall into neglect. I will think about it in the long term. I'll stick with it, maintain it and let it change with me over time. So, my plan is to do a weekly update on my sketchbook here on my blog and  I'm happy to be back! :) 
Oh also, check out Molly Egan's sketchbook. She uses old (unwanted) books as sketchbooks for showcasing her vibrant and bold imagery. Pretty cool! 
Good night! x

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